February 8, 2016


About Us

Hello, my name is Wayne Benhart and I’m always taking Pentagon to the next level with my experience specializing in aerospace repair process/work order work flow and more specifically, Pentagon2000 software. Offering solutions for database conversions into SQL, modifications to existing data, customization, integration, reporting, implementation of Pentagon, Pentagon training and creating custom applications to allow users use Pentagon more efficiently and effectively.

I have Over 12 years of Pentagon Knowledge and hands on Experience!  I’ve worked all over the U.S. and other countries helping companies with their Pentagon ERP systems in their environment as well as remotely.  I know the industry and am in the field working with everyday users hands on, not sitting behind a desk and reading a how-to-manual.

For more information:

Contact Jessica at Sales@BenhartSolutions.com or Call (954) 589-1200