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Benhart Solutions has specialized in the Aviation & Manufacturing Industries for 25+ years. We have built multiple product lines for clients. We look forward to the opportunity to be considered as a partner that you will be able to count for results.

  • After years of creating applications to fix other systems we found that there was a need in the marketplace for a system that would be all inclusive and one that would put the client in the drivers set to customize and make the system their own. Evolve enables your MRO to realize the peak effectiveness from best practice principles and techniques that are integrated into the solution for your operation. Bottomline results matter; you will begin to achieve dramatic and sustainable performance improvements all while providing broad visibility and effective data needed for true knowledge-based decisions. The software is easy to use and fully supports every aspect of your operation out- of-the-box.

  • Over the past 25+ years in the Aviation and Manufacturing Industries. We have been a trusted resource for our clients to call when they needed their ERP system to work more efficiently with a streamlined process saving them both time and money. To date we have built 170+ apps for clients. We have packaged these apps into individual modules for companies that need to augment their ERP system to match their process and industry regulatory requirements.

  • We look forward to the opportunity to be considered as a partner that you will be able to count on to deliver results. We have built our reputation on being a company that partners with clients by focusing on each client and their unique needs. We are very confident in our ability to meet & exceed your expectations from defining processes, from best in class system reviews, integration implementation, customization, reporting, training and maintenance.